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Level 1 Academies

Build your DHIS2 skills with our Level 1 Academy courses, which cover key topics for the design, configuration, and use of DHIS2 systems

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    Level 1 DHIS2 Academy courses build on the skills and concepts introduced in the DHIS2 Fundamentals courses. Each Level 1 course focuses on one of the three core areas of DHIS2: Analytics, Customization, and Tracker. Unlike the Fundamentals, these intensive courses are facilitated live by DHIS2 experts from our HISP network, and are offered on a periodic basis throughout the year in English, French, and Portuguese. Each course is structured around a combination of presentations by DHIS2 experts, hands-on exercises, and discussions and collaborative assignments with your peers. More information on the curriculum for each of these three Level 1 Academy courses is below.

    In addition to training, these Academies are intended to bring together a diverse group of professionals working with DHIS2 from Ministries of Health, NGOs, and other organizations to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices, and community building.

    You find the current schedule for all Academy courses on the Academy Schedule page. Upcoming Level 1 Academies are listed here:

    CourseFormat/LocationRegion / LanguageDatesRegistration
    Costumização para uso de dadosMaputo, MozambiqueComunidade portuguesa 11 - 16 de dezembro Register

    Analytics Tools

    Data analysis can turn raw data into useful and actionable information. DHIS2 comes equipped with a variety of built-in tools for analytics that can help make sense of your data, such as pivot tables, charts, maps and other visualizations, which can then be presented in customizable dashboards and shared with others in your organization for collaborative analysis and decision making. Knowing how these analytics tools work, and how to choose the most appropriate tools and visualizations based on the kind of data and needs of the audience, are key factors in managing successful information systems.

    The Level 1 DHIS2 Analytics Tools Academy builds upon the introduction to data analysis from the DHIS2 Fundamentals course to provide you with the skills you need to use DHIS2 effectively for data analysis.

    • By successfully completing this Level 1 Academy you will:
    • Gain an understanding of data tools in DHIS2, and create your own charts, tables, maps, and dashboards
    • Learn best practices for data analysis, and how to produce relevant information in DHIS2
    • Explore real-world examples of using data to make decisions
    • Get an introduction to data quality tools within DHIS2

    Prerequisite: Participation in this course requires prior completion of DHIS2 Fundamentals, or equivalent experience with DHIS2

    Design for Data Use

    Getting good data analysis outputs from your DHIS2 system means starting with a good system design. DHIS2 is by nature a generic platform that can be customized based on the demands and components of a given program or organization. Creating and maintaining a high-quality DHIS2 instance that can provide useful outputs for data analysis and use requires mastering the components of system design, customization, administration and maintenance of metadata, the data analysis application, and other built-in and supplemental tools.

    This Level 1 Academy builds on the customization material from the DHIS2 Fundamentals course to provide you with the skills you need to successfully design, configure, and maintain your DHIS2 system for aggregate data collection, validation and analysis. (Note: This specialization replaces the previous Level 1 Design & Customization Academy. Design of DHIS2 Tracker systems is covered in the Level 1 Tracker Configuration Academy)

    By successfully completing this Level 1 Academy you will:

    • Learn about DHIS2 design, customization, and analytics principles
    • Create, administer and maintain DHIS2 metadata
    • Learn how to configure DHIS2 components to better support data analysis
    • Learn about configuration and use of the DHIS2 data analysis app
    • Practice the use of built-in DHIS2 tools
    • Get an introduction to supplementary tools available for DHIS2

    Prerequisite: Participation in this course requires prior completion of DHIS2 Fundamentals, or equivalent work experience with DHIS2

    Tracker Configuration

    Tracker allows you to extend your DHIS2 system from aggregate to individual-level (or case-based data), which opens up new possibilities for using DHIS2 for patient management and more. A well designed Tracker system can lead not only to better data and better decisions, but also to streamlined clinical workflows. However, using Event and Tracker programs effectively requires special considerations for system configuration, data analysis, privacy, security, and other factors.

    This Level 1 Academy covers the most important aspects of configuring and using DHIS2 tracker, and will provide you with the skills you need to design, configure, and manage a Tracker program, as well as introduce data analysis concepts that are specific to Tracker.

    By successfully completing this Level 1 Academy you will:

    • Review best practices from Tracker use cases
    • Learn about the DHIS2 Tracker data model and key Tracker terminology
    • Gain experience with the DHIS2 Tracker capture application
    • Learn to design and configure Tracker programs, including program rules and indicators
    • Understand Tracker data protection and security features
    • Get an introduction to integrated analytics with Tracker and aggregate data

    Prerequisite: Participation in this course requires prior completion of DHIS2 Fundamentals and DHIS2 Event Fundamentals, or equivalent experience with DHIS2.

    Continue to Level 2

    Have you already completed the DHIS2 Level 1 Academies that are relevant to you? You can continue your DHIS2 training with courses on more specialized topics. To learn more, visit our Level 2 Academies page.