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Android Capture App V2.5 Overview

DHIS2 Android Capture App version 2.5 is out with many improvements and bug fixes. On this page you can find information on this software version, including feature descriptions, links to technical documentation, and more

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    Feature Demo Videos

    Discover some highlights of new features in this DHIS2 release with feature demonstrations by DHIS2 experts.

    Local Analytics

    Offline In-App Program / Dataset Analytics

    The Android app can now render analytics that have been created in the Data Visualizer app in DHIS2. Analytics to be displayed require configuration using the Android Settings Web App, where administrators will be able to select the charts and tables to be displayed for end users. These visualizations can be rendered on the home screen of the App, on the dataset screen and at the programs level. All analytics are aggregated in the device using local data. The Analytics feature is 100% functional offline.

    The analytics supported in the Android App are:

    • Pivot Tables
    • Column Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Radar chart
    • Single Value

    All these visualizations can be organized and displayed in groups. Groups are also configured using the Android Settings Web App. For each visualization object, the user will be able to filter in the app by:

    • Period: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, This Quarter, Last Quarter, Last 4 Quarters and Quarter this year.
    • OrgUnit: Select “All” to display all the org units available to the user or “Selection” to specify one or multiple org units.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3 | Screenshot 4 | Documentation

    Data Entry User Experience

    Dataset redesign

    The layout for datasets data entry has been redesigned for a more integrated user experience and clean user interface.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot

    Export / Share QR and Bar codes

    Data elements or attributes type text can be configured as QR or barcodes. With the new export / share option, users will be able to display a bar or QR code in an image so that it can be shared it for printing, take a screenshot or show it on the screen for scanning.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Improved render for icon-based data entry

    When program sections rendering type is used in combination with icons, a section with a single data element and associated Option Set renders the assigned icons next the options to simplify data entry. The layout and design of this screen has been redesigned and improved for a better user experience.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Personalized Calendar View

    In the DHIS2 Android Capture App users can switch date selection from spinner to calendar view. In this version, the app will remember the last visualization selected by the user and use it the next time the user needs to select a date.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Display reason for data non-editable

    Data can be blocked for many reasons in DHIS2, because of access restrictions or expiration, among others. When an Event, TEI or Data Set are not editable, the user will be able to find the reason in the “Details” section. The possible reasons are:

    • Event completion
    • Enrollment completion
    • Expired event
    • Closed organisation unit
    • Organisation unit out of capture scope
    • No access to capture data in the program or data set
    • No access to a category option in the program or data set

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Adjust TEI Dashboard options to program configuration

    The options offered at the TEI dashboard will be tailored to the specific configuration of the program.

    • Relationships tab will not be visible if the program relationships are not configured.
    • Create event button will be hidden when the user cannot create more events based on tracker configuration.
    • Indicators tab will be not be visible if the program has no program indicators configured.
    • Organisation Unit filter will not be visible if the user has only one Organisation Unit configured.

    VideoJira | Jira 2 | Jira 3 | Documentation


    General Maps User experience

    After three versions since maps were included in the DHIS2 Android App, we have reviewed and improved the user experience based on community feedback.

    Jira | Documentation

    Center to user position

    If the user grants location permissions to the App, the map will show the current location represented as a blue color dot. The maps in the DHIS2 Android Capture App now include the possibility to center the map on the user location.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot

    Tracker and Event Features

    Add support for Event - TEI relationships

    The app now allows users to add relationships from single events (in Event programs) to TEIs. There is a new tab in the event dashboard, named relationships, that is active when it is configured in the server. This version does not allow relationships from TEIs to events or using events that belong to an enrollment.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    New filter for TEIs marked for follow-up

    In Tracker programs, the ‘Follow Up’ filter allows the user to filter out the TEIs that have been marked as ‘Follow-up’. TEIs can be marked for follow-up in the TEI Dashboard.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Other Features

    Interface language based on DHIS2 user language

    The language of the interface will correspond to the language set in the DHIS2 user configuration. If the language is not available in the app, it will pick the language of the device. If none of the language configurations are available, the app will default to English. Translations set up in DHIS2 for metadata will also be shown according to the language in the user configuration.

    Video | Jira | Documentation

    Quality / Security / Performance

    You can find a list of improvements related to quality, security and performance in this release on Jira.


    DHIS2 Core Compatibility

    Android Capture App version 2.5 is fully compatible with DHIS2 version 2.37 and backward to version 2.30.

    Release Info & Demo

    Click on the links in the table below for more information about this software release and to access an interactive demo. You can also add comments or ask questions about this release on the DHIS2 Community of Practice.

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    Overview of bugs fixed on JIRA (requires login)Overview on JIRA
    Demo instance (user / password)Demos (android / Android123)
    DHIS2 communityDHIS2 Community of Practice
    App Source code on GithubDHIS2 Android source code
    SDK Source Code on GithubAndroid SDK source code