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There are a number of ways to contact the DHIS2 team, depending on what your question is or what kind of help you need. See below for the best ways to get and stay in touch.

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    Join the DHIS2 mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter – DHIS2 Highlights – plus periodic announcements of software releases, DHIS2 Academy courses, and significant DHIS2 news and events.

    You can also use the checkboxes below to indicate your preferred languages and topics: select “General DHIS2 Updates” to receive most information from DHIS2, “Technical & Developer” to receive information relevant for developers and technical implementers, and “DHIS2 for Education” for information related to using DHIS2 in the education sector.

    Join the Community of Practice

    The DHIS2 Community of Practice (CoP) is a free online discussion forum for DHIS2 users, implementers, developers, and experts from around the world.

    On the CoP, you can find user stories and best practices from DHIS2 implementations, ask questions and get support on your DHIS2 projects, browse job postings and advertise your services, and more. Register for your free CoP account today.

    Follow us on social media

    DHIS2 is on social media! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the latest updates and stories from the community, and join in the conversation. You can also watch our videos on YouTube.

    Technical support for your DHIS2 instance

    If you are looking for support for starting up a new DHIS2 project we recommend that you reach out to the HISP network. This network consists of HISP groups with extensive experience with DHIS2 in health and other domains, who can assist you with configuration, training and project management. Find the HISP group in your region on the HISP network page.

    If you are a system administrator or implementer and are experiencing technical difficulties with your DHIS2 system, you should consult the DHIS2 Community of Practice support channel. Search the archives first to see if your question has already been answered. If not, you can post it there and ask for help.

    If you are a DHIS2 user, you should contact your local system administrator for assistance.

    Report a bug in DHIS2

    DHIS2 uses Jira for issue tracking and our software roadmap. You can use Jira to report bugs, request new features, and get an overview of which features make it into each release.

    Before reporting a bug in DHIS2, please check the DHIS2 Community of Practice to see if your issue has already been addressed. If you confirm that you have found a bug that has not already been identified, you can report it on Jira by navigating to the DHIS2 Jira homepage, clicking “create” in the top menu, selecting “bug” as the issue type, and filling out the required fields.

    Beta Testing

    We appreciate your interest in beta testing new versions of the DHIS2 core software and DHIS2 Android App.

    To participate, please look out for beta testing announcements on the DHIS2 Community of Practice.

    Support for DHIS2 Academy courses

    If you have a question about the DHIS2 Academy program, you can reach us by email. Please select the appropriate address below:

    Request a DHIS2 demo

    Do you think DHIS2 could be a good fit for your project? Request a demo with one of our experts to discuss your use case and see how DHIS2 could help you manage your data – for health programs, disease surveillance, education management, and more.

    Request a DHIS2 demo

    Share your DHIS2 story with us

    Is your government or organization using DHIS2 for a regional, national, or international program? We want to hear about it! Fill out our online form to share the details of your DHIS2 implementation with us.

    General inquiries for the core team

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in using DHIS2 for your organization or government agency, if you are a member of the press interested in reporting on DHIS2, or if you are interested in partnership with us. The DHIS2 core team can be reached by email at post@dhis2.org.

    Visit the DHIS2 offices

    DHIS2 is developed and maintained by the HISP Centre at the University of Oslo in Norway. Our physical address is: Gaustadalléen 30, 0373 Oslo

    You can find directions to our offices on the Getting to our Offices page.

    Report issues with our website

    Did you find something wrong with our website? Let us know by email at website@dhis2.org.