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DHIS2 for Logistics Resources & guidance

On this page you can find additional information and resources related to implementing and using DHIS2 for logistics and supply chain

DHIS2 resources

HISP has produced a selection of resources to support DHIS2 for Logistics implementations:

External resources

The following external resources provide useful background information and guidelines that can be applied to DHIS2 for Logistics systems:

Reference KPIs

Supply Chain Maturity Model

  • USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program Supply Chain Information System Maturity Model: Link

Additional Resources

  • WHO Digital Health Platform Handbook: Building a Digital Information Infrastructure for Health Handbook: Link
  • WHO Policy Brief on Traceability of Health Products: Link
  • WHO PQS performance specification – equipment monitoring for equipment monitoring systems: Link
  • WHO PQS performance specification – data logger and machine-to-machine interface for Equipment Monitoring Systems: Link
  • WHO PQS performance specification – data standards for cold chain equipment monitoring: Link
  • WHO PQS performance specification – annex 1 – cold chain data objects: Link
  • WHO PQS performance specification – annex 2 – JSON Schema: Link
  • Global Fund Technical Brief Procurement & Supply Chain Management: Link
  • Digital Square: Bridging the silos of supply chain information systems through a holistic maturity model: Link
  • OpenHIE Framework: Link
  • A Navigator for Digital Health Capability Models, a User’s Guide: Link
  • GS1 – Common Business Vocabulary: Link
  • ISO – Security Guidelines – ISO 27002, Information security management systems: Link
  • Version 1 of the original Target Software Standards: Link