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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is an essential part of DHIS2. Additionally, we know that equity and equal access to opportunity are acute challenges in the broader technology and engineering fields. The global DHIS2 software team at the HISP Centre is committed to building an inclusive organization which reflects our values and the diverse global community we serve. This Diversity Pledge is a public promise to do our part to reduce inequity and discrimination.

Our Diversity Pledge

Diversity is vital to the future of our platform, both ethically and technically. DHIS2 is used every day by people of every imaginable background, identity, gender, religion, ability, and nationality. As the team building that software, we recognize that we should be more diverse than we are today. The people designing and building this global public good should reflect the people in more than 100 countries and on 6 continents worldwide who rely on it.

Some of the technical challenges DHIS2 faces today include supporting different languages, right-to-left scripts, and multiple calendrical systems; operating in low- and no-connectivity environments; and adapting to mobile-first or mobile-only usage patterns. Differing habits of data management; gendered access to technology; data and technology literacy barriers; and different local cultural, socio-economic, and political landscapes can also determine how data in DHIS2 will be most effectively used. Understanding and addressing these diverse challenges, along with those that we will encounter in the future, will require the insight of diverse individuals with first-hand experience.

We pledge to continually improve the diversity and inclusion of our global software team. We can help move the industry in the right direction, and our team and product will be better for it.

Our Approach to Improving Diversity and Inclusion

We strongly believe that the lack of diversity in the technology industry is caused by a lack of opportunity rather than a lack of ability. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply for our roles. This includes women, non-binary people, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, people from the Global South, and everyone who identifies with a group that remains underrepresented in tech and engineering.

To combat the obstacles placed in the way of underrepresented people by the broader industry, we will:

  • Diversify our talent pipeline: We recognize that lack of diversity is a consequence of systemic issues in the broader technology industry. We are, however, uniquely positioned to help address these gaps given our deep ties and connections with many technology communities, a global network of universities and research groups, and innovative technology organisations in the Global South. We also build a product with worldwide impact which we believe is compelling to people from a myriad of diverse backgrounds. We will use these advantages to diversify the talent pool from which we recruit and the group of candidates we interview for open positions.
  • Develop an inclusive hiring process: In our hiring process we will educate ourselves about unconscious bias – such as judging language ability, education background, communication style – to make sure we are assessing candidates in an objective and fair manner.
  • Continuously improve: We endeavor to measure the ethnic, geographic, and gender makeup of our talent pipeline and to continually work to improve. In a topic as nuanced as diversity we know that a qualitative lens is just as important as a quantitative one. We want to foster a culture which respects not only metrics but also the experiences and perceptions of individuals.
  • Foster an inclusive work environment: Beyond the hiring process we will also improve our onboarding process and to ensure a supportive, empathetic working environment where diverse viewpoints – both technical or non-technical – are heard, valued, and respected. We will work to ensure that all team members receive mentorship and career support, and we are committed to accommodating different modes of work, locations, time zones, and flexible working hours.

We are always looking for people motivated to build software which solves real problems. You can find our current open positions at dhis2.org/careers. Please reach out if you have doubts about your suitability for a role, and let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments during any part of the application process.