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DHIS2 Academy Schedule

Browse our lists of upcoming and ongoing DHIS2 Academy courses and find registration links to sign up for the course that fits your training needs

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    Overview of scheduling & fees

    DHIS2 Academy programs include ongoing, self-paced online Fundamentals courses that are open for registration at any time, and Level 1 and Level 2 Academies that are facilitated by DHIS2 experts from our HISP network and global team, and which are scheduled at specific times throughout the year. You can browse the schedules below to see current and upcoming DHIS2 training courses, and visit our training archive to access course material from previous Academies.

    Our DHIS2 Fundamentals online courses are offered free of charge. Participation fees for Level 1 and Level 2 Academies vary based on logistics costs. In-Country Academies are scheduled on demand through our regional HISP groups.

    If you have questions about the DHIS2 Academy calendar, you can contact us at academy@dhis2.org

    DHIS2 Fundamentals

    Introduction to DHIS2Online, self-pacedEnglish3 hours (approximate)Register
    Aggregate Data Capture & Validation FundamentalsOnline, self-pacedEnglish5 hours (approximate)Register
    Aggregate Data Analysis FundamentalsOnline, self-pacedEnglish6 hours (approximate)Register
    Aggregate Customization FundamentalsOnline, self-pacedEnglish12 hours (approximate)Register
    DHIS2 Events FundamentalsOnline, self-pacedEnglish25 hours (approximate)Register
    Introduction à DHIS2En ligne, à votre rythmeFrançais3 heuresInscriptions
    Les principes fondamentaux de DHIS2En ligne, à votre rythmeFrançais20 heuresInscriptions
    Les Fondamentaux de DHIS2 ÉvénementsEn ligne, à votre rythmeFrançais25 heuresInscriptions
    Introducción a DHIS2En línea, a su propio ritmoEspañol3 horasInscripción

    Level 1 Academies

    CourseFormat/LocationRegion / LanguageDatesRegistration
    Costumização para uso de dadosMaputo, MozambiqueComunidade portuguesa 11 - 16 de dezembro Register

    Level 2 Academies

    Data QualityOnlineEnglishSelf-paced, 20 hoursRegister
    Planning & Budgeting DHIS2 ImplementationsOnlineEnglishSelf-paced, 9 hoursRegister
    Android & Web App DevelopmentAbidjan, Côte d'IvoireEnglish4 - 8 March 2024Coming soon!
    EMISSri LankaEnglishApril 2024Coming soon!

    In-Country Academies

    Data UseOnline or in person, instructor-ledEnglish or local languageTBDContact HISP group
    Data QualityTBD
    System ManagementTBD

    Annual Conference

    DHIS2 Annual ConferenceOslo, Norway10-13 June 2024Information

    Event Calendar

    Browse the DHIS2 event calendar below to find our Academy courses and other public DHIS2 and HISP events that you might be interested in. You can click each event in the calendar to learn more.