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DHIS2 Academy Schedule

Browse our schedule of upcoming in-person DHIS2 Academy events, plus a list of our online training courses, and find registration links to sign up for the course that fits your training needs

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    Overview of scheduling & fees

    The DHIS2 Academy program includes both self-paced online training courses, which are open for registration at any time, and live, in-person Academy courses and conferences that are facilitated by experts from our HISP network and global DHIS2 team, and which are scheduled periodically in different countries in regions where DHIS2 is used.

    Our self-paced online courses are offered free of charge through the DHIS2 Online Academy. Participation fees for in-person Academies and events vary based on logistics costs.

    On this page, you can browse our schedule of upcoming live courses and events, and explore a list of our currently available online courses. To learn more about the content, learning goals, and target audiences of these courses, visit our course catalog. To access course material from previous Academies visit, our training archive.

    If you have questions about the DHIS2 Academy calendar, you can contact us at academy@dhis2.org

    DHIS2 Academy schedule: Live courses & events

    See the list below for information on our upcoming live Academies, conferences, and other training events. You can also browse upcoming in-person and online events on our Events page.

    Visualisation des données dans DHIS2Utilisation de DHIS2Kigali, RwandaFrançais22 - 27 juillet 2024Inscriptions
    Tracker Data Capture & Analysis FundamentalsDHIS2 UseAmman, JordanArabic21 - 25 July 2024Register
    Academia Configuração de programas AndroidDHIS2 ConfigurationMaputo, MozambiquePortuguês12 - 17 August 2024Inscrições
    Tracker Data Capture & Analysis FundamentalsDHIS2 UseZanzibar, TanzaniaEnglish26 - 30 August 2024Register
    Les Fondamentaux pour la Configuration d'AndroidConfiguration du DHIS2Saly, SénégalFrançais23 - 27 septembre 2024Inscriptions
    Asia ConferenceConferenceDa Nang, VietnamEnglish1 - 3 October 2024Register
    LMISDomain & Program ManagementKigali, RwandaEnglish21 - 25 October 2024Coming soon!
    Tracker Configuration FundamentalsDHIS2 ConfigurationAmman, JordanArabic3 - 7 November 2024Coming soon!

    DHIS2 Online Academy: Self-paced online courses

    Explore the list below to learn more and register for our free online training courses.

    Course CategoryFormatLanguageLengthRegistration
    Introduction to DHIS2Introduction to DHIS2Online, self-pacedEnglish3 hoursRegister
    Aggregate Data Capture & Validation FundamentalsDHIS2 UseOnline, self-pacedEnglish5 hoursRegister
    Aggregate Data Analysis FundamentalsDHIS2 UseOnline, self-pacedEnglish6 hoursRegister
    Data QualityDHIS2 UseOnline, self-pacedEnglish20 hoursRegister
    Aggregate Customization FundamentalsDHIS2 ConfigurationOnline, self-pacedEnglish12 hoursRegister
    DHIS2 Events FundamentalsDHIS2 ConfigurationOnline, self-pacedEnglish25 hoursRegister
    Planning & Budgeting DHIS2 ImplementationsProgram & Domain ManagementOnline, self-pacedEnglish9 hoursRegister
    Cours en français
    Introduction à DHIS2Introduction à DHIS2En ligne, à votre rythmeFrançais3 heuresInscriptions
    Le paramétrage de DHIS2 agrégéConfiguration DHIS2En ligne, à votre rythmeFrançais12 heuresInscriptions
    Les principes fondamentaux de DHIS2Configuration DHIS2En ligne, à votre rythmeFrançais20 heuresInscriptions
    Les Fondamentaux de DHIS2 ÉvénementsConfiguration DHIS2En ligne, à votre rythmeFrançais25 heuresInscriptions
    Cursos en español
    Introducción a DHIS2Introducción a DHIS2En línea, a su propio ritmoEspañol3 horasInscripción
    Fundamentos de Captura y Validación de Datos AgregadosUso de DHIS2En línea, a su propio ritmoEspañol5 horasInscripción
    Fundamentos de Análisis de Datos Agregados en DHIS2Uso de DHIS2En línea, a su propio ritmoEspañol6 horasInscripción
    Fundamentos de Configuración de Datos AgregadosConfiguración de DHIS2En línea, a su propio ritmoEspañol12 horasInscripción

    Event Calendar

    Browse the DHIS2 event calendar below to find our Academy courses and other public DHIS2 and HISP events that you might be interested in. You can click each event in the calendar to learn more.