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Last-mile logistics & stock management using DHIS2

DHIS2 provides a simple and user-friendly application for managing stocks and equipment at the facility or community level that can be seamlessly integrated with full-scale, upstream national logistics management information systems (eLMIS)

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    DHIS2 as a last-mile electronic Logistics Management Information System (eLMIS)

    Combining monthly or real-time logistics data from health care facilities or even from the point of care with epidemiological and programmatic data can greatly improve the ability to plan demand for health care products, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of supply chain management, monitor performance and identify logistical shortcomings and inefficiencies. DHIS2 is an efficient and cost-effective way to provide end-to-end visibility of the entire national supply network when used together with a full-scale, national eLMIS for managing procurement, demand planning, forecasting, warehousing, transportation and distribution. When integrated with an upstream eLMIS, DHIS2 meets Gavi’s target software standards for vaccine supply chain information systems.

    Learn about the benefits of using DHIS2 for Logistics on our Why DHIS2? page

    Explore some key features of DHIS2 for Logistics in our interactive tutorial:

    How can DHIS2 be used for logistics management?

    DHIS2 natively supports a number of logistics and supply chain management activities. Key use cases are listed below. Learn more on the core eLMIS features page.

    Stock Reporting

    End-user stock management (Aggregate): Monthly reporting of stock on hand, stock receipts, stock issues and discarded stocks (additional fields can be included as needed) as well as stockout days and stock losses as performance management indicators and providing full visibility of logistics data to upstream logistics services.

    Transaction-based Stock Management

    Real-time stock management system (Tracker): A paperless stock management system where storekeepers only scan the barcodes of healthcare products and record quantities when issuing stock. DHIS2 provides updated stock information in real-time and automatically generates daily and monthly reports.

    Equipment Life Cycle Management

    (Tracker) Management of cold chain or biomedical equipment from installation to decommissioning and other activities during the equipment life cycle. Configurable stages adapted to the equipment requirements, such as logging alerts, temperature data, maintenance requests, repairs and more. CCE management complies with the GS1 DataMatrix code standard.

    Stock & Equipment Analytics

    Monitoring stock levels & sharing stocks: Identify facilities which are understocked, stocked out or overstocked and, based on stock levels and average demand, use DHIS2 to analyze, plan and coordinate redistribution and sharing of excess stocks.

    Health Care Product Catalog

    (Tracker): Providing health facilities with basic information, including images, of commonly used health care products which can be updated from upstream national eLMIS systems.

    Temperature monitoring

    Twice-daily digital recording of temperatures for cold chain equipment as well as environmental monitoring of medical stocks and exploring the possibility of connecting temperature data loggers to DHIS2 for automatic recording.

    Integration with national eLMIS or ERP

    In addition to its own eLMIS features, DHIS2 is designed to allow integration with other software applications. This makes it possible to combine the flexibility and simplicity of DHIS2 for end-users with the sophisticated functionality of purpose-built, full-scale eLMISs or even Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that cover the entire scope of logistics and supply chain management.

    Integrating monthly data collection via DHIS2 with an eLMIS

    Collection of logistics data monthly at health facility level and integrating this with an eLMIS creates possibilities for national overview every month, as well as Vendor Managed Inventory and digitizing paper based flow of products.

    Integrating management of LMIS data at health facility level in DHIS2 with an advanced eLMIS

    Using DHIS2 at the health facility level ensures a low cost and robust roll out to the thousands of health facilities, while the integration with an advanced eLMIS for central and regional level ensures access to advanced functionality.

    eLMIS Sandbox

    You can explore DHIS2 for Logistics features in our LMIS sandbox, including monthly stock data recording and calculation, manual temperature recording, using the health care product catalog, biomedical equipment as well as cold chain equipment lifecycle management, and GS1 DataMatrix code parsing. Read the Logistics implementation guide for more information.

    Explore Sandbox

    Where is DHIS2 used for logistics management?

    DHIS2 implementations at national level (HMIS) very often include stock data reporting for one or multiple programs, with varying levels of data use and integration. Explore the map below to see which countries are already leveraging DHIS2 for Logistics, or have the potential to do so.

    Impact Stories: Improving logistics and stock management with DHIS2

    Read the stories below for examples from a selection of countries using DHIS2 to improve their supply chain management and logistics systems, or browse all DHIS2 for Logistics impact stories.

    Additional ​​Resources

    Explore these resources for more information about using DHIS2 for eLMIS, and view a comprehensive list on our resources page.

    Webinar: Logistics for Immunization Programs

    In this Gavi-sponsored webinar, DHIS2 experts share their implementation insights on immunization stock data capture or analysis. Available in English and French

    Presentation: LMIS Tech in DHIS2

    A recorded session from the 2023 DHIS2 Annual Conference including presentations from the DHIS2 for Logistics team, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Unicef.

    Academy on Logistics Data Integration

    Recorded sessions from our Level 2 DHIS2 Academy course on Logistics Data Integration that focuses on designing and deploying DHIS2 as an end-user LMIS.

    Documentation: Implementing DHIS2 for Logistics

    Detailed documentation on the configuration and use of DHIS2 for core eLMIS use cases.

    View Documentation

    DHIS2 Logistics video playlist

    A YouTube playlist of videos on DHIS2 for Logistics and related logistics and supply chain content.

    View Playlist

    Get support and connect with the DHIS2 Community of Practice

    The Community of Practice (CoP) is the primary forum for DHIS2 discussions and support. The use of DHIS2 for logistics has been driven in large part by innovations and custom applications developed in the field, and the CoP offers a platform for experts from around the world to share innovative approaches and apps, best practices, and user stories. You can also use the CoP to ask questions, get support for technical issues, participate in webinars and other informational events, as well as connect with other members of the global DHIS2 implementer community working on logistics projects.

    Join the Conversation

    If you are interested in deploying DHIS2 for Logistics, our team would also like to hear from you! Please contact us at lmis@dhis2.org

    Learn to deploy and use DHIS2 for logistics with the DHIS2 Academy

    You can learn more about using and implementing DHIS2 for logistics through our series of training courses, the DHIS2 Academy.

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    Developed in collaboration with global partners

    The DHIS2 Logistics team works together with global partners in public health. The project was initiated through a collaboration with the STELLA Center of Excellence from 2020-2022, a joint effort between the University of Basel, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Novartis and the University of Oslo (UiO). We are continuing our work through the support of GAVI, Global Fund and other partners.

    Implementation of logistics solutions through the HISP network: Local HISP groups based in the Global South implement DHIS2 for Logistics solutions together with the HISP Centre at UiO. The involvement of local HISP groups ensures long term sustainability of these solutions.

    Integration with larger eLMIS solutions: In many countries will a solution be appropriate were a larger, more advanced eLMIS is implemented at central, regional and district level, while DHIS2 can provide the data management and data gathering at the last mile, and the health facility. The HISP Centre at UiO collaborates with other software providers to facilitate eLMIS integration.