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Visiting the HISP UiO / DHIS2 offices in Oslo

Are you planning to visit the DHIS2 team at the University of Oslo? Here is some helpful information on where our offices are located and how to find us

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    Welcome to the HISP / DHIS2 offices at UiO

    The HISP Centre at the University of Oslo (HISP UiO) manages our global work on the DHIS2 project from our offices on the UiO campus in Oslo, Norway. After several years at Forskningsparken (Oslo Science Park) in Ole-Johan Dahls hus, in late 2020 we moved just a block up the street to our new home in the former NEMKO building, where our growing team is spread out across two newly renovated floors.

    Our offices are decorated with photographs of DHIS2 implementations and research projects from around the world, and painted in bright colors that reflect the vibrance of our global community. We hope you can come and visit us!

    Our address in Oslo

    Our address is: Gaustadalléen 30, 0373 Oslo (formerly known as the NEMKO building). View our address on Google Maps.

    To find our offices, use Entrance C (Oppgang C). Go in through the main door and turn left at the lobby toward the stairway. For our main offices, including the implementation, software development, project support and training & communications teams, go down the stairs one level to floor UE (Underetasje). Ring the doorbell and someone will let you in.

    Additional offices, including those of the research group and DHIS2 Design Lab, are located up the stairs on floor 2.

    How to get here

    From outside of Oslo:

    • Fly to OSL Oslo Gardermoen Airport. Public transport in Oslo is great so there is no need for a rental car or taxi.

    From the airport:

    • Take the airport express train (Flytoget) to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S / Oslo sentralstasjon). This trip takes around 20 minutes. Note: you need to purchase a train ticket before boarding the train. Ticket machines are available in the airport arrivals hall.
    • Follow the “T” signs for the subway (T-bane) from the train platform through the station building to the west-bound platform of the central subway station (Jernbanetorget) and follow the instructions below.

    From Oslo city center:

    • Get on the subway (T-bane) Line 4 or 5 west-bound. Note: You need to purchase a subway ticket before you enter the subway platform or get on the train. You can do this at a ticket machine at the entrance to the subway station, at most convenience stores (7-11, Narvesen), or with the Ruter mobile app. Tickets are based on distance (zones) and time periods. A Zone 1 ticket is sufficient for the trip to our office.
    • Get off the subway at Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken) station.
    • Walk down the stairs from the platform, turn left, walk under the train track overpass, and continue straight along the sidewalk for around 250 meters (walk parallel to the streetcar tracks on your right), until you reach a T-intersection. Our offices are in the brick building directly across the street (Gaustadalléen 30).
    • Find Entrance C (Oppgang C) shown in the picture below.
    • From the entryway, find the stairway to the left and go down one level. Our main offices are located on floor UE (Underetasje).
    • Use the doorbell labelled “HISP” and wait for someone to let you in.

    Useful links and resources

    The following links may be helpful in planning your travel to our offices:

    Google Maps: View our address and plan your route

    Ruter App: Purchase tickets for subway, bus, streetcar and trains in the Oslo area

    Flytoget: Information on the express train from Oslo Airport to the city center

    Oslo Gardermoen Airport: Information on the primary airport in the Oslo area