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DHIS2 Cloud Hosting

Deploying a DHIS2 instance requires a server to host the software. On this page you can learn about some common hosting options.

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    Requirements for hosting a DHIS2 instance

    DHIS2 is licensed under an open source license and is free for everyone to install and use. However, managing a DHIS2 instance involves more than setting up a powerful web server. Deploying a reliable and scalable system includes at least these aspects:

    • Human resources with skills in relevant technologies such as web servers and database systems
    • Reliable backup of your system including safe storage at a remote server
    • Use of SSL (HTTPS / encryption) to keep private information like passwords secure
    • Monitoring of server resources and application performance.
    • Stable and high-speed Internet connectivity
    • Stable power supply including a backup power solution
    • Secure server environment to avoid unauthorized access, theft and fire
    • Powerful hardware with potential for scaling together with increased system usage

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    Managed hosting / software as a service

    A managed hosting service provides the DHIS2 software as a service in the cloud. This means you can start using the system immediately, there is no need to install and maintain the software yourself, and aspects such as backups and security are taken care of. You can also get support and help with configuration, data processing and troubleshooting.

    The following providers offer DHIS2 software as a service:

    Virtual service providers

    A virtual server provider offers virtual server machines which they will house, run and maintain on your behalf, removing the need for buying and taking care of physical servers. You will still have to install, configure and maintain the DHIS2 application yourself.

    We have had positive experiences with the following virtual hosting providers: