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DHIS2 Software Development Roadmap

On this page, you can find information on the features and fixes planned for upcoming DHIS2 software releases

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    About the DHIS2 software roadmap process

    To learn more about the DHIS2 software roadmap and prioritization process, visit our Roadmap Process page.

    Features planned for upcoming DHIS2 software releases

    Below, you can browse features that are currently planned for inclusion in upcoming versions of the DHIS2 core software and DHIS2 Android application. Click the buttons below to see only the the features for a specific product.

    Tick marks next to the features indicate that implementation is complete and they will be included in the target release.

    Show upcoming features for:
    • Version 2.40 Planned release: April 2023
      • Master facility list

        • Reporting start date for organisation unit
        • Org unit profile configuration UI
        • Org unit split and merge UI
        • Propose and approve org unit workflow UI
      • Platform

        • New DHIS 2 web app portal, replace old portal with Javascript-based portal
        • New login app
        • Multi-select option sets in data entry and analytics
        • Renaming of apps and customization of UI labels with custom translation bundles
        • Remove Struts completely from the system
      • Integration

        • Event subscription/notification system for metadata
      • Maintenance app

        • New Maintenance app, gradually rebuilt and released
        • Bulk metadata sharing
      • Data use/quality

        • Push analytics with dashboard print and sharing access control
        • Integrate WHO DQ app concepts into core apps (data quality, data visualizer)
        • WHO annual data quality app/report
      • Tracker analytics

        • Tracked entity/cross program linelist backend
        • Improved program indicator performance
        • Development of relationship endpoint - Enables line listing derived from relationships
        • Show org unit heiarchy in line lists jira
      • Data visualizer

        • On-the-fly calculations in data visualizer pivot tables. jira
        • Apply legend as background color for single value chart type. jira
        • Legend for stacked column charts. jira
        • Show data element and indicator icon for single value charts. jira
        • Cummulative values in pivot tables. jira
      • Dashboards

        • Design for new push analysis - email dashboard print
        • Dashboard plug-in support
        • Services/guidance/tools to better support public web portals jira
      • Maps

        • Support multiple event coorinate types (Event, enrollement, registration, data element, attributes) jira
        • Improved interoperability with ESRI/ArcGIS jira
        • Option to show value/number in thematic layers jira
        • Show map legend for large dashboard maps. jira
      • Program rules

        • Program rules across programs
          • Enabling the creation of program rules that can take into consideration data from more than one program
      • Deduplication

        • Design and implement manual merging
          • Building on deduplication tools to allow manual review and merging of potential duplicates
      • Privacy

        • Solution for non-analysable attributes
          • Functionality to make it easier to ensure that attributes designated as private will not be exposed to any analytics or display modes
        • Data sunsets - clean out expired data
          • Functionality to ensure that designated data will automatically be made unavailable after a certain period of time
      • Working lists

        • Editable data elements from multiple stages
        • Editable data elements from multiple programs
          • Taking the design created during 2.38 to create functionality for data entry in line-listing of TEIs
        • Biometrics

        • Support for the generic biometric integration

          • Native support for the handling of biometric data and data exchange
      • EMIS

        • Full MVP for EMIS
          • Bulk enrollment
          • Attendance in line listing
          • Concurrent enrollments
      • LMIS

        • Health commodity catalog
          • Functionality to support the creation of health commodity catalogs for supply chain products



      • LMIS - Requirements / UX/UI design

        • Item Catalog
        • Bluetooth temperature data monitoring
      • EMIS - Requirements / UX/UI design

        • Bulk data entry (EMIS)

      Innovation (based on available resources and task estimation)

      • Review UX/UI

      • Task screen

      • Support multimedia
      • NFC

        • Read/write patient card (with config parameter for not storing patient data)
        • Bulk data transfer device-device
      • Trigger data entry from Maps

      • Self reporting (TEI App) - Prototype

        • Platform for authenticating from TEI credentials (dependency platform)
        • TEI App
    • Version 2.41 Planned release: October 2023
      • Master facility list
        • Org unit analytics maintenance app updates

      Always Ongoing

      • Performance improvements
      • Bug fixes and stability
      • Test coverage and test automation
      • Extensibility
      • Developer advocacy, resources and training material

      Parking Lot

      • Multi-calendar & time zone support
      • Multiple org unit hierarchies (with support from other teams)
      • Tracker Analytics

        • Relationship linelists backend
        • Cross program linelists
        • Tracked entity count beased upon enrollement and event linelists.
        • Design for ownership organizational unit demension.
      • Data visualizer

        • Two value chart types
        • BNA Chart type added to data visulazer application
        • Outlier tables (Replacing WHO DQ app)
        • Future periods
      • Dashboards

        • Dashboard email push
        • Possibility to view standard report directly in the dashboard
        • Design for a "simple" dashboard presentation mode.
      • Maps

        • New tracked entity layer
        • Program indicator filter in maps
        • Tracked entity clusters/heat maps
    • Version 2.42 Planned release: April 2024
      • Tracker Analytics

        • Relationship linelists
        • Scoping for next phase of tracker analytics. Future of event reports and event visualizer
      • Data visualizer

        • Ownership organizational unit demension
        • Custom periods.
      • Dashboards

        • Simple, presentation dashboard view.