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Android & Web App Development

The HISP Centre – University of Oslo and HISP WCA invite you to join this DHIS2 Academy, where you can gain in-depth knowledge on how to build high-quality, maintainable DHIS2 applications.


In Person


Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Start date

15 Apr 2024

End date

19 Apr 2024

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    Academy Overview

    Join us for this exciting five-day Academy, with instruction by DHIS2 experts from HISP Centre – University of Oslo and HISP West and Central Africa. This Academy is focused on Architecture & Extensions and is designed for advanced users with experience in app development and proficiency in Java.

    This is an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on how to build high-quality, maintainable DHIS2 applications using the latest tools.

    The Academy will include:

    • The Web App track: You’ll learn how to build web applications on top of the DHIS2 platform using DHIS2 tooling according to best practices. Topics covered will include design best practices, workflow tooling, data queries, and more!
    • The Android App Development: participants will learn more on the use of the mobile SDK. Participants will get an understanding of the best practices in terms of app development and mobile architecture as well as an understanding of the DHIS2 Developer Community’s process of collaboration.

    Learner Profile & Prerequisites

    These courses are both in our Architecture & Extensions category and are developed for DHIS2 app developers who have experience in app development and proficiency in Java. Browse our DHIS2 Learning Paths to learn more.

    Academy Prerequisites: Prior app development experience and proficiency with Java are required.

    Format & Learning Outcomes

    The Academy will include 2 tracks with some some joint and parallel sessions for Web App and Android App Development participants. You will be invited to select your preferred track when you register.

    Web App Development

    Learning Outcomes

    • Make a DHIS2 app using React and the app platform libraries
    • Understanding the basics of DHIS2 support tooling, such as the CLI, styling, and linting
    • Experience using the DHIS2 design system and UI library
    • Understanding best practices in terms of workflow and collaboration
    • Understand the basics of the App Hub and how to submit an app


    • Setting up and configuring a web application
    • Data Queries and API interactions
    • Data Store interactions
    • UI components and general app design
    • Testing and formatting using CLI
    • TypeScript support

    Android App Development

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding and learning how to use the mobile SDK
    • Exploring and discussing the roadmap for DHIS2 mobile, libraries (e.g: UI components, rule engine, etc.)
    • Understanding best practices in terms of app development and mobile architecture
    • Exploring the DHIS2 Dev community and ways of collaboration.
    • Understanding and discussing the participant use cases


    • Getting started with the mobile SDK
    • How to sync data and metadata
    • Using the mobile UI library
    • How to validate your data (rule engine, validation rules)
    • Mobile analytics
    • Error management
    • SDK roadmap
    • Mobile development good practices
    • How to debug and troubleshoot

    Learn more about both of these tracks on our Course Catalog page.

    Fees & Registration

    The following registration options are available for for this event:

    Category 1: Low- and Middle-Income Countries – $700 USD

    • Ministry representatives
    • Universities/academia full-time staff
    • Full-time students

    Category 2: NGOs, IOs, and consultants – $850

    • Non-governmental organizations
    • International organizations
    • Consultants

    Registration fees include:

    • Training materials
    • Lunch breaks
    • Two coffee breaks per day

    Venue & Accommodation

    This Academy will be located at the Silver Moon Hotel, which has rooms available for our attendees at a discounted rate.

    • Silver Moon Hotel
    • Cocody II Plateaux, Angré 7ème tranche, Rue L155
    • Discounted rate: 65000 XOF per night
    • Code for the discount: “DHIS2 Academy”
    • Booking Contact: Koudou Boris
    • Phone/WhatsApp: +225 07 08 26 36 88
    • Email: commercial@silvermoon-ci.com
    • Hotel Website

    See below for other accommodation options near the venue.

    Les Résidences MARTIAL

    • Immeuble CGK, Angré, BP 10, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
    • Distance from the venue: 10min. drive
    • Rate available: from XOF 25,000 to XOF 60,000
    • Tel: +225 07 48 40 40 78

    Résidence BETHANY PALACE

    • Cocody, Deux Plateaux Rue J93, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
    • Distance from the venue: 25min. drive
    • Rate available: From XOF18.000F to XOF 60,000
    • Tel: +225 01 73 33 41 41
    • Website

    Résidences ACHENBACH

    • 7eme Tranche, 2 Plateaux, L 169, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
    • Distance from the venue: 5min. walk
    • Rate available: XOF 60000 TO XOF 90000
    • Map: Click here
    • Tel: +225 07 47 70 96 02

    Résidence ROSE HERMINE

    • 01 BP 6688 Abidjan 01, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
    • Distance from the venue: 5min. drive
    • Rate available: XOF 35000 TO XOF 50000
    • Map: Click here
    • Tel: +225 07 47 70 96 02

    BNB Hôtel & SPA Abidjan

    • Distance from the venue: 7min. drive
    • Rate available: XOF 70000 TO XOF 250000
    • Tel: +225 07 67 43 75 67
    • Website

    Travel Information

    Airport: Félix-Houphouët-Boigny International Airport is located 16 km south east of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. It is the largest airport in the country for air traffic. The airport is the main hub of the national airline Air Côte d’Ivoire. Named after the first president of Ivory Coast, Félix Houphouët-Boigny, this international airport is directly connected currently to airports in Europe and to many destinations within the rest of Africa and the Middle East.

    Invitations: The event organizers will issue support letters, if required, only to those delegates who have registered for the academy.

    Immigration and Visa Information: Most foreign passport holders need a tourist or business visa to enter Ivory Coast. If you need a visa, it is required to pre-enroll here in order to get a visa on arrival. The list of visa-exempt countries can be found here.

    Airport Transfer: If you stay at the venue, the aiport transfer will cost XOF 24000 for your round-trip transportation, airport – hotel – airport. If you prefer to take a taxi, we advise to download the Yango App so you can order your taxi once you arrive at the airport.

    Time zone: UTC +0:00

    Climate: The average temperature in Abidjan in April is hot at 27.7 °C. Afternoons can be very hot with average high temperatures reaching 31.2 °C. Overnight temperatures are generally fairly hot with an average low of 24.9 °C.

    Currency: West African CFA franc is the official currency. 1USD = XOF 600.66

    Banking and ATM: Larger businesses, such as hotels, accept payments with credit cards. For other payments and businesses, carry cash. ATMs are widely available in the main cities.

    Official Language: The official language is French.

    Healthcare: It is a requirement to have been vaccinated against yellow fever. This will be verified at the airport.

    Contact Us

    Should you have additional questions about this DHIS2 Academy, please contact the DHIS2 Academy team at appdev2024@dhis2.org

    Terms & Conditions

    Please review our Terms & Conditions, which apply to every person registering as a participant for a DHIS2 Academy.