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Ghana supports all TB burden district hospitals with DHIS2 Android

Ghana uses DHIS2 and Android tablets at all TB burden district hospitals to provide offline data capture for TB care and treatment

30 Nov 2020 Impact Stories

The Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division of the Ghana Health Service, in collaboration with the National Tuberculosis (TB) Control Programme, has developed a client based individual case management record system to collect, manage and analyze transactional case based records for TB screening, TB care & Treatment and TB dots in 113 TB burden district hospitals using the DHIS2 Tracker capture. This system called TB care eTracker has been deployed in Ghana especially in high TB burdened districts.

The web version of the TB Care eTracker deployed in 2014 has worked, but users have encountered key challenges. This includes:

  • Limited or no internet connectivity affecting its full usage to collect, manage and analyze transactional case-based records for TB Care.
  • Limited number of devices for screening and data capture at the hospitals especially in the TB burdened districts that were running the system.
  • Data use and feedback to facilities from districts on tracking defaulters and generating visit schedules.

The key objective of deploying the tablet-based eTracker is to give service providers at the lower level access to client information safely, securely and easily, whenever and wherever it is needed. It is an essential part of the drive by the Ghana Health Service to improve patient care by enabling CHOs and other GHS staff to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve a full spectrum of the immense benefits of using the eTracker at the lower level its key that we deploy the eTrcaker to key programmes such as TB care and screening, ART HIV care and MCH services across the country.