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HISP Centre publishes 2023 Annual Report

Read the annual report for 2023 from the HISP Centre at the University of Oslo, which coordinates DHIS2 research, development, and implementation worldwide

24 Jun 2024 News

The HISP Centre at the University of Oslo leads the development and maintenance of the DHIS2 software, the creation of global resources and tools to support DHIS2 implementation and capacity building, and coordinates the global HISP network. 2023 was a busy year for the HISP Centre, as we provided support for a growing number of countries and regions, developed and expanded our global and regional partnerships, and prepared to launch our new effort on DHIS2 for Climate & Health.

In our Annual Report, you can find an overview of the operations of the HISP Centre, highlights from last year, updates on our work in priority sectors like Health, Education, and Logistics, and interviews with key people in the HISP network and DHIS2 community. We invite you to download an electronic copy of the 2023 HISP Centre Annual Report to learn more about our work.

Download the Report