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DHIS2 News: HISP Centre welcomes students to new MA program

The two-year program, Digitalization in the Health Sector, includes both Health and Informatics program options

31 Aug 2022 News

In August 2022, The HISP Centre at the University of Oslo (UiO) welcomed the first group of Masters’ degree students to our new 2-year program, Digitalization in the Health Sector.

Digitalization processes in the health sector put heavy demands on understanding both information and communication technology (ICT) and how health services are offered and organized. This MA program provides an interdisciplinary understanding of these areas. As the UiO program webpage further explains:

Every day huge amounts of health data are generated on both individuals and the population as a whole. How do we make sure these data are collected, integrated, and quality assured, and are reaching the clinical, administrative or strategical decision-makers? Increased use of IT and introduction of larger and more complex information systems in the health and care sector create a demand for solid competence in handling questions that cut across the fields of informatics and health.

The master’s programme Digitalization in the Health Sector teaches competence in developing ICT solutions, and you learn strategies and processes for introducing and using information systems in the health sector. Through interdisciplinary cooperation you will meet different perspectives, possibilities and challenges. The programme addresses a broad range of questions concerning digitalization of the health sector across practices, levels and health organizations, nationally and internationally.

The programme is for health professionals and computer scientists. For a computer scientist, it is important to have knowledge about the complexity and the many different information needs in the health sector. For health professionals, it is important to have knowledge about informatics in order to understand the potential for organizational change that digitalization processes make possible. Students from both disciplines need an interdisciplinary approach in order to develop successful solutions that may improve the delivery of health services to both individuals and the population as a whole.

This year, approximately 25 students are enrolled across the Health and Informatics program options. We welcome this first group of students to our new MA program, and look forward to their interdisciplinary work in this important area.

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