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DHIS2 News: DHIS2 included in new UNDP digital solutions catalogue

The United Nations Development Programme published the Digital X Solution Catalogue to help connect UNDP offices, UN partners and governments with ready-to-scale, innovative digital solutions like DHIS2

19 Sep 2022 News

In 2022, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched Digital X, which they describe as a “Partnerships for Scale Programme designed to find, match, and connect ready-to-scale digital solutions with the urgent needs of UNDP, UN partners, and governments.”

One key output of this program is the Digital X Solution Catalogue, an online marketplace of innovative and proven digital tools that have gone through a review and vetting process organized by UNDP. More than 4,000 potential solutions were considered in the inaugural round of review, and just over 100 were selected for inclusion in the catalog, including DHIS2.

We’re proud to be included in this new resource, and hope that it leads to fruitful and impactful collaborations on projects with the UNDP and other partners.

View the DHIS2 entry in the Digital X Solutions Catalogue