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The world's largest health information management system — developed through global collaboration led by UiO

DHIS2 is an open-source project developed in collaboration between the HISP Centre at the University of Oslo (UiO) and the global HISP network. More than 80 countries worldwide use DHIS2 for collecting and analyzing health data. 3.2 billion people (40% of the world’s population) live in countries where DHIS2 is used. DHIS2 is provided free of charge as a global public good.

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Schedule a demo to speak with one of our experts to discuss your use case and how DHIS2 could help you manage your data – for health programs, disease surveillance, education management, and more.

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Collect, manage, visualize & analyze your data — all in one place

DHIS2 has all of the tools you need in one open-source, fully customizable software platform, that can be used either for a single purpose – such as health, logistics or education data – or to triangulate aggregate and individual data from multiple sources and programs in one integrated system..

Analyze & Visualize

Use maps, charts, and pivot tables to explore your data. Create information-rich dashboards to share an overview of data with your team, and drill down for more detailed analysis.

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Enter Data Anywhere

Capture and view individual and aggregate data using custom forms on a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones in both online and offline modes.

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Case Management

With Tracker, you can collect and analyze case-based data to track a person or entity over time, as well as send SMS reminders, and generate work lists and appointment schedules.

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Privacy & Security

DHIS2 comes with a set of configurable privacy tools like user management and sharing settings to make sure you can control who has access to your data, as well as options for encryption.

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Open Ecosystem

Enhance your DHIS2 implementation with custom apps, metadata packages, and other open-source tools developed by the DHIS2 community to meet global and local needs.

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The DHIS2 interface comes fully translated into eight languages. You can translate your content and interface into as many languages as you like, and users can switch languages on the fly.

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What makes DHIS2 unique?

DHIS2 stands out from the crowd as a leading example of a Digital Public Good: a sustainable open-source project where international standards meet local innovation, supported by an international community of experts.

The DHIS2 community is diverse and strong

Capacity Building

Through the DHIS2 Academy curriculum, we help build a community of skilled DHIS2 users, managers, and developers around the world. Start your journey to DHIS2 expertise with our online courses and look out for the next DHIS2 Academy in your region.

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Global Community

The use and reach of DHIS2 continue to evolve thanks to a global community of DHIS2 experts – including monitoring and evaluation specialists, health professionals, software developers and more – who share experiences, deployment strategies and best practices. Join us on the DHIS2 Community of Practice.
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Expert Network

DHIS2 development is led by the HISP Centre at the University of Oslo in partnership with the international HISP network, which provides regional assistance on DHIS2 implementation, customization and support

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Our Financial Partners

The DHIS2 project is led by the HISP Centre at the University of Oslo and supported by donors from around the world.