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HISP UiO WHO Collaborating Centre

DHIS2 News: WHO renews HISP UiO’s Collaborating Centre status for 4 more years

The HISP Centre and WHO will continue their ongoing collaboration on development of metadata packages, guidance and tools to strengthen integrated routine health information systems

2 Feb 2022 News

The World Health Organization (WHO) has redesignated HISP Centre at the University of Oslo (UiO) as Collaborating Center for Innovation & Implementation Research for health information systems strengthening through December 2025.

As a WHO Collaborating Centre, HISP will continue to partner with WHO and its Member States to strengthen HIS implementations and data use at country level. This partnership will expand and improve the WHO health data toolkit for DHIS2, including development of standards-based metadata packages for new health programmes, implementation tools and technical guidance for integrated routine health information systems.

To date, 64 mostly low- and middle-income countries have installed standards-based metadata packages from the WHO DHIS2 toolkit with support from partners, moving towards integrated national health data platforms that serve data analysis and data use at all levels of public health services, based on WHO recommended data standards. These efforts include joint capacity building and regional collaboration on country support with the HISP network of regional experts.

Emerging areas of collaboration include promoting the uptake of global data standards like ICD-11, expanding DHIS2 offerings for anti-microbial resistance surveillance, and improving data harmonization and exchange mechanisms between country systems and regional / global data platforms.

You can find the details of HISP UiO’s designation as a WHO Collaboration Centre on the WHO website.