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Android Capture App V2.1 Overview

DHIS2 Android Capture App version 2.1 is out with many new features, apps, improvements, and bug fixes, including new filtering and sorting options, better error messaging, and QR- and barcode support

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    Video Overview

    Discover the features and capabilities of version 2.1 of the DHIS2 Android Capture App with this informative presentation.

    Data Sets

    Increase row headers

    The length of the first column in datasets is now calculated to show the full text for the Data Elements names. Users can also adjust the width to adapt it better to their screen size.

    Screenshot ][ Jira ]

    Listing, Filtering & Sorting of Events

    Group view of Program Stages in TEI Dashboard

    The TEI Dashboard offers now the possibility to change the list of events from the chronological view to a stage grouping view. The stage grouping view will group and collapse the events per program stage. Each program stage group can be expanded by the user and the events will be displayed chronologically.

    [ Screenshot 1 | 2 ][ Jira 1 | 2 ][ Documentation ]

    Filtering added in TEI Dashboard

    Filters have been added to the TEI dashboard. It is possible to filter the events of a Tracked Entity Instance enrolment per period, organisation unit, sync status, event status, and user assignment.

    [ Screenshot 1][ Jira][ Documentation ]

    Data Entry Forms (Event and Tracker Programs)

    Improved error message dialog when saving event or enrollment

    The app will now list the name of the mandatory fields missing when the user tries to complete an event or enrolment. The sections containing the missing fields will be highlighted to help the user find the missing fields.

    Screenshot 1][ Jira 1]

    QR and Barcodes supported

    Data elements or attributes or type text can be configured as QR or barcodes. When a Data Element or Attribute is rendered as QR/Barcode, the app will open the device camera to read the code image. When the QR/Barcode is a TEI attribute configured as searchable, the user will be allowed to scan the code in order to search and identify the Tracked Entity Instance. This will also work for option sets.

    Screenshot 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ][ Documentation ]

    Extended rendering options

    The available rendering options have been expanded to include horizontal and vertical radio buttons, checkboxes and toggles. The allowed options depend on the value type.

    • Yes Only: can be rendered as radio button or checkbox.

    • Yes/No: can be rendered as horizontal/vertical radio buttons or horizontal/vertical checkboxes or toggle.

    • Text: can be rendered as QR or Barcode. When is linked to an option set can be rendered as horizontal/vertical radio buttons or horizontal/vertical checkboxes.

    Screenshot 1 | 2 | 3][ Jira 1] [ Documentation ]

    Save dialog and button in enrollments aligned with Events

    The design of the “save” button and related dialogs in the enrollment form have been modified to align with the user experience of the events form.

    Screenshot ][ Jira]

    Improvements in sections

    The display for sections has been redesigned for a more simple user experience. In addition, the sections in enrolment form are now supported and are aligned with the design of the event sections.

    Screenshot 1 | 2 ][ Jira | 2 ]

    Notes in events

    It is possible to add notes to events in single event programs and program stage events. Notes are available in a new tab at the data entry form.

    Screenshot 1][ Jira | 2 ]

    User assignment

    Filter events based on user assignment

    It is possible to filter events based on assignment to the current user. The “Assigned to me” filter has been added to the single event program list, the TEI list and the TEI Dashboard and the map views. It will only be displayed when the active program is configured to assign events to users.

    Screenshot 1 | 2 ][ Jira | 2 | 3 ]

    Quality, Security, Performance

    Events are created and persisted at the end of the Form

    Jira ]

    SqlBrite Queries migrated to SDK

    Jira ]

    DHIS2 Core Compatibility

    Version 2.1 of the DHIS2 Android Capture App is compatible with DHIS2 version 2.34, as well as versions 2.33-2.30.

    Release Info & Demo

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