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Android Capture App v2.7 Overview

DHIS2 Android Capture App version 2.7 is out with many improvements and bug fixes. On this page you can find information on this software version, including feature descriptions, links to technical documentation, and more

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    Feature Demo Videos

    Discover some highlights of new features in this DHIS2 release with feature demonstrations by DHIS2 experts.

    User Experience

    Increase tappable areas in icons and buttons

    Some buttons or tappable labels of the Android App had small sensitive areas for the user to tap. The whole user interface was reviewed and the tappable areas has been increased. For example the “+” button to create a new stage or the “˅” icon to open TEI details or expand a section.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Clean Data Entry forms

    The input fields had a hint message saying “Insert value here” which remained there after the values was entered. We have kept the hints when the field is empty, but they dissapear now once the value is entered by the user.

    Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Simplify steps to create program stage

    When the user groups the events per program stage in a tracker program, the option to create a stage was only visible when the events of the specific program stage where expanded. In this version, the option to create a new event is always visible. When the user taps on the button, that program stage will unfold showing to the user all the already existing events of that particular program stage. In addition to this, when there is only one option based on the program configuration, the available program stage is selected automatically and program stage selection step is skipped.

    Jira 1 | Jira 2 | Screenshot | Documentation

    Move Share button in TEI Dashboard to a secondary menu: 

    The TEI Dashboard had a black “Share” button which was using significant space on the screen and was not aligned with the visual design of the app, while the function is very marginally used. The button has been removed and the functionality to share a TEI through QR code has been located on the three vertical dot menu, at the top right corner of the screen.

    Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    More intuitive navigation for event sections

    The accordion navigation of form sections was confusing for some some users and the next action after completing the last field of one section was not intuitive. This version of the App includes a “Next” button at the end of each section which calls the user to action. The function of the button is to close the current section and open the new one.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    New input dialog for datasets

    When the user in entering data in a dataset, the keyboard opens, overlapping most of the screen and the dataset table. The new text input dialog opens an input field above the keyboard which shows the Data Element name and category options of the field being selected, ensuring the user does not lose context when navigating the tables during data entry.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Local Analytics

    New legend style on tables

    The style for legends in tables has a new design which ensures good contrast and visibility independently from the selected color for the legend.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Implement missing aggregation functions

    The following aggregation functions are supported now in local analytics: LAST, FIRST, AVERAGE_SUM_ORG_UNIT, LAST_AVERAGE_ORG_UNIT, LAST_IN_PERIOD, LAST_IN_PERIOD_AVERAGE_ORG_UNIT, FIRST_AVERAGE_ORG_UNIT

    Jira | Documentation

    Sync Process

    Open home after syncing metadata

    When a user logs in to the Android App for the first time, the App needs to download all the metadata and data, including the file resources. Depending on the server and user configuration, on the server resources and on the internet connection, this process can be very long. Until this version, this process happened on the splash screen and the user had to wait the entire time on the same screen. We cannot change the process or waiting time, however we can make it more interactive and informative. In this new version, the app will remain in the splash screen during the metadata download and will open the home screen once the metadata is in the device. In the home screen, the app will inform with a loading spinner on each program when the data is downloading and when is ready. The user will be able to see how many programs are downloading data, or completed, making the waiting process more transparent and informative about its progress.

    Jira | Screenshot | Documentation

    Do not make full sync when opening the App

    Before this version, every time a user opened the DHIS2 Capture App, the application would launch a sync process for data and metadata, to ensure the app was in sync with the server. In most cases and locations this process was very slow. In order to facilitate the work in the most difficult cases, we have removed that sync process. When the user opens the app, even if s/he logs out and logs in again, the app will open without performing a full sync. Users have the option to sync with the server through the Refresh button any time they wish.

    Video | Jira | Documentation


    Manage ownership in permanent referrals

    Since 2.7, when a user makes a permanent referral of a TEI, the ownership will be updated accordingly.

    Jira | Documentation

    Mobile Implementation Support

    Upload SMS APK

    From this version, the app available in Google Play includes the SMS functionality. In previous versions, this functionality was only available on an APK available in Github.


    DHIS2 Core Compatibility

    Android Capture App version 2.7 is fully compatible with DHIS2 version 2.39 and backward to version 2.30.

    Release Info & Demo

    Click on the links in the table below for more information about this software release and to access an interactive demo. You can also add comments or ask questions about this release on the DHIS2 Community of Practice.

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