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Android Capture App v2.8 Overview

DHIS2 Android Capture App version 2.8 is out with many improvements and bug fixes. On this page you can find information on this software version, including feature descriptions, links to technical documentation, and more

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    Feature Demo Videos

    Discover some highlights of new features in this DHIS2 release with feature demonstrations by DHIS2 experts.

    User Experience

    Resized dataset tables

    This feature allows users to resize the columns in datasets, making it easier to view and work with larger tables. Now it is possible to resize all columns by clicking on the header of the column. The resizing can be done through drag and drop. A maximum and minimum size limit is given for the columns that can be resized to ensure a good layout. Users can resize all columns at once by clicking on the top left of the table.

    Jira | Screenshot

    Collect handwritten signatures for image Data Elements

    This feature allows users to collect handwritten signatures from the device. The signatures will be saved as an image data elements in the app.

    Jira | Screenshot

    Allow external actions for phone number, email and URL value types in forms

    This feature enables users to take action on phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs directly from the app, such as dialing a phone number or opening a web page from the event or enrollment data entry form.

    Jira | Screenshot

    Improved visual configuration and rendering of option sets

    This feature improves the way option sets are displayed and configured when configured visualy by enabling render option sets with any value type as Radio buttons or check box and supporting other value types for visual data entry.

    Jira | Jira2 | Screenshot

    Added loading banners when actions take a long time to improve user experience

    This feature provides visual animations to users when they perform actions that take longer than usual to complete, such loading maps or searching, so that they know that the system is processing their request.

    Jira | Screenshot

    New sync error navigation

    This version of the app improves the navigation of sync errors on the user interface. The app will display the sync errors in a simple and clean manner allowing the user to navigate from the home screen to the exact field that is causing the error inside the event or data set.


    Improved user experience for better functionality when offline

    This feature enhances the functionality of the app when it is used offline, ensuring that menus are disabled when the online actions are not available.


    Improved management of long texts

    This feature enables users to view long text in fields that are limited in size, such as a stage names or datasets headers.

    Jira | Jira

    Support Mobile Implementations

    Provided support for Android app version control from DHIS2 user interface

    This feature enables implementation administrators to manage and control the version of the Android app from the DHIS2 user web interface, making it easier to manage app updates and ensure compatibility with the DHIS2 system. Managers will be able to upload the desired version and users will get a prompt message to update when they are not in the last updated version. The management of versions is made through a new Web App.

    Jira | Screenshot

    Removed the maximum number of offline accounts

    This feature removes the limitation on the number of offline accounts that users can create, allowing them to work with as many offline accounts as needed.


    Web Parity

    Supported file value type

    This feature adds support for file value type in the Android app, allowing users to attach files to their data elements or attributes.

    Jira | Screenshot

    Supported new Tracker working lists (filter by DE)

    This feature adds support for new Tracker working lists that allow users to filter by data elements. The working lists need to be configured in web using the web Capture App. The Android app will download the working lists that are configured and saved on the server side.


    Logistics Management (LMIS)

    Integrated a new module for real-time stock monitoring

    This feature adds a new module for the stock monitoring use case to the app, enabling users to manage and monitor their stock levels in real-time. Integrating a module implies that the app will open a completely new and different user interface and experience to respond to a different data entry flow. To use this modules the program will need to be configured using the new web app for program use case configuration.

    Video | Jira | Screenshot


    Bug fixing: You can find the list of bugs fixed here.

    DHIS2 Core Compatibility

    Android Capture App version 2.8 is fully compatible with DHIS2 version 40 and backward to version 2.30.

    Release Info & Demo

    Click on the links in the table below for more information about this software release and to access an interactive demo. You can also add comments or ask questions about this release on the DHIS2 Community of Practice.

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